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Brain Rot - An 80s Horror Podcast

Dec 31, 2021

Happy (almost) New Year, Rotters!!

I just couldn't keep away. 

In this bonus episode, I'm joined by filmmaker and podcaster Michael Varrati to discuss the hugely underrated early 80s shocker - New Year's Evil!

Enjoy! And have a wicked 2022!! 


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Dec 23, 2021

Seasons greetings, Rotters!

I couldn't leave you without giving you your present now, could I?

As a treat, I'm dropping our Patreon episode with Mike Muncer and Louise Blain in which we discuss the MENTAL festive sequel Silent Night deadly Night 5: The Toymaker.

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Dec 20, 2021


Welcome back, Rotters!

For the final episode of Season 2 of Brain Rot, I decided to drag Stephen Fry back after his hilarious appearance in Season 1 covering the movie SLUGS. And this time he brought his pal with him! We welcome actor, comedian, writer and producer Joel McHale. 

To see out the...

Dec 13, 2021

Ahoy, Rotters!

This week Andrew Hunter Murray and Dan Schreiber join me as we take a trip to The Bahamas with the Brody's!

Andrew and Dan make up 50% of the multi award winning podcast No Such Thing As A Fish and I was THRILLED to introduce them both to this unparalleled entry into the Jaws franchise.

Dive in and check...

Dec 6, 2021

Howdy, Rotters!

Well we HAD to cover this one, didn't we??

This neon-lit 80s Trashterpiece was a staple of my childhood. And it made even less sense watching it this time round.

I'm joined by actor, model and writer - Sunny Mabrey to break it down as best we can. Uncle Impy has a lot to answer for. But unfortunately,...