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Brain Rot - An 80s Horror Podcast

Oct 24, 2021


For our Halloween week episode, I've invited horror scaredy-cat Sean Parkins to discuss the cult classic Night of the Demons!

This movie made an instant horror icon out of the badass Angela and the lipstick scene is the stuff of legend, but how does the rest of the film hold up?

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Oct 18, 2021

G'day Rotters!

This week we're headed down under to have a chat about the 1993 melt movie - Body Melt.

Joining me is the hilarious national treasure Matt Lucas who was as baffled by this oozy Aussie mess as I was!

Why the inbred cannibals? Why the farting troll? Why the rib collector? 

All of these questions and more go...

Oct 11, 2021

Howdy, Rotters!

This week I'm joined by exploitation enthusiast Stuart Burnside to discuss the lesser spotted slasher Death Screams from 1982.

The bizarre narrative and random backstories (with no relevance) make this one an absolute hoot to discuss. And don't get me started on there killer reveal....


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Oct 3, 2021

Ello Rotters!

This week, Joshua Tonks returns to Brain Rot to discuss the 1981 Linda Blair slasher - Hell Night.

At the time of episode release, Hell Night is currently streaming on Shudder and available on a beautifully restored 4k Blu-Ray from 101 Films.

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